SN Person Book

SN Person Book 2.0

The phone, e-mail, web site book including plan maker
2.0 (See all)
SN Company

The SN Person Book program is intended for keeping and seeking information about your business partners or friends. You can record a name, up to 4 phone numbers, e-mail address, web site and other information. Then to call a person with a single pressure, information which is keeping in the program. Except for such information the program maintains attached files of any formates and uses other programs which are intanded for looking thru files of such formates. You may set contacts in SN Person Book, to which any other files can be attached. SN Person Book contain also a Reminder to remind you about planned contacts. The Reminder can be lead in the memory and in some periods of time remind you about the planned contacts even without activating SN Person Book. Reminder's sign is located in SysTray.

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